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MIM Process



Mix <20 µm typical powder with polymer (binder) system to produce the MIM feedstock. Theoretically speaking, the smaller the particle is, the bigger its specific surface will be, which is good for molding and sintering.



The evenness of the mixture directly influences its fluidity and further influences the technical parameter of the injection molding, and the density and other performances of the final material.



Mold complex components from the feedstock using standard plastic injection molding equipment & techniques. During injection molding, the mixture is heated in the injection molding machine into plastic material with rheology, and then injected into the mold under certain pressure to mold a blank.



Remove the plastic binder by sintering parts in a high temperature H2/N2 pusher furnace. The high density of MIM component is achieved through high sintering temperature and long sintering time, which greatly improves the mechanical property of the component.


Secondary Operations

Parts can be machined, coined, heat treated, plated, and black-oxided and so on.



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