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Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization



Correct solution: we will provide the correct solution between MIM technology and the client, to make your products processed by MIM.
Correct time: in the technical production process, we act as a regulator to ensure your products meet the requirements within the correct time.
Correct problems: in the development process, we act as a regulator to find the problems timely.
HZMIM will use the correct solution to deal with correct problem in correct time.





Ⅰ. Overall Product Solution  

We will assist your product development.

First, according to the product requirements, we will provide suggestions on materials, and when necessary, we will customize the materials.

Then, according to the shape, volume and tolerance of the product, we will design the product of best quality and best price for you, for which the following actions will be taken.

Optimizing the product structure (secondary design): the product structure has a great influence on the MIM. The product draw ratio, wall thickness, etc. will influence the mold design of MIM. The more complex the product structure and shape are, the harder the mold design is. Both aspects can be improved.

1. Products of higher quality – by optimizing the product structure

2. Better product price – by reducing the production processes and improving the work efficiency


Ⅱ. Optimizing the Mold and Its Design  

The mold is the key factor in the MIM process. The quality of the mold is related to a series of links (injection, degreasing, firing, etc.) in the MIM process, so it is the lifeblood of the products. We will improve it in the following two aspects.

1. Higher quality – by optimizing the design of the mold. At present, most mold designs rely on experience and lack of reliable design knowledge, but we will use the mold analysis software to find the problems, and thus improving the quality of the mold, and standardizing the products.

2. Better product price – by reducing the injection feeding for production cost reduction.


Ⅲ. After completing the design, provide the prototype or 3D sample, to see if it meets the client’s requirements.


Ⅳ. We can not only produce MIM products, but also make molds and check them.


Ⅴ. We have perfect quality control equipment, to ensure your spare parts are in strict conformance with the defined specifications. We have passed the certification of ISO9001:2008.


Ⅵ. If the product does not reach the desired effect, we can make the subsequent process for the MIM product, and provide various post-processing services.


Ⅶ. We will provide good packaging for your products, track the logistics of the products and give feedback timely, to ensure your products arrive in shortest time soundly.  



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