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Product Development Assistance

Product Development Assistance

HZMIM is not only a MIM product manufacturer and we prefer to be your partner, you can rely on our MIM technology to design the best products.

We will solve your problems
First, considering the product’s performance requirements and application, we will provide suggestions on material selection materials, and when necessary, we will also customize materials.
Then, according to the size, volume, geometrical shape and tolerance of the product, we will design the product with best price and best function for you. We can run the small batch test and create the models, to help you assess the function of the parts deeply. In order to provide your products with the best price and best function, we will improve in the following two aspects:

. Optimizing the Product Structure (redesign)
The product structure has a great influence on the MIM. The product draw ratio, wall thickness, etc. will influence the mold design of MIM. The more complex the product structure and shape are, the harder the mold design is. We will proceed with the following two aspects:
1. Products of higher quality – by optimizing the product structure
2. Better product price – by reducing the production processes and improving the work efficiency

The following cases is intended to serve as a reference for applying MIM/PIM design principles to new components and evaluating existing components for possible conversion to this manufacturing technology. Our experienced technical staff can assist your efforts to develop MIM applications or convert parts from other manufacturingprocesses.
When it comes time to request a quote or design assistance from HZMIM, you can submit your electronic part data by e-mail.

Case Studies
A very effective way of utilizing MIM's inherent design freedom is to combine multiple components in an assembly into a single MIM component. The resulting MIM component is stronger, more cost effective, and is produced closer to the original design intent than the assembly.



Decreased Weight
At the beginning of the MIM design, design engineers build up their component geometry by placing material only where it is needed for function and strength. The very fine metal powders used in the MIM process are expensive. Can through the core and reduction of wall thickness to weight loss, thereby reducing the cost of production.



Knurling, Lettering&Logos
MIM is capable of producing knurling, lettering, logos, date coding or other designs directly into the component without added costs to the piece price. These features can either be raised or sub-surface. Virtually any feature you can imagine molding is possible in solid metal parts with the MIM process.



Exterior Shape and Holes
A MIM part is not limited to round holes, like machined parts. Complex through or blind holes can be used in the design. Beyond representing obvious functional features, holes and slots can also be used to reduce part mass and provide uniform wall thicknesses. Geometries usually created by EDM or other expensive, low productivity processes are producible on large scale with MIM. Form can follow function without making compromises to the production process.



Small, Highly Configured Parts
MIM has become the leading process for producing small, highly configured parts. Dental brackets, cell phone components and other small metal items are routinely produced by MIM. There is no method to manufacture small and complexparts in large volumes that can compete with the capabilities of MIM. Parts weighing a fraction of a gram can be produced with excellent detail and mechanical properties.



. Optimizing the Mold and Its Design
The mold is the key factor in the MIM process. The quality of the mold is related to a series of links ( injection, degreasing, firing, etc.) in the MIM process, so it is the lifeblood of the products. We will improve it in the following two aspects:
1. Higher quality – by optimizing the design of the mold. At present, most mold designs rely on experience and lack of reliable design knowledge, but we will use the mold analysis software to find the problems, and thus improving the quality of the mold, and standardizing the products.
2. Better product price – by reducing the injection feeding for production cost reduction.




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