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If the product does not reach the desired effect, we can make the subsequent process for the MIM product, and HZMIM provides the following services.



HZMIM has the advanced equipment, and can process the precision parts, such as full-automatic computerized numerical control (CNC) machining, electric discharge machining (EDM), wire-electrode cutting, etc.


Surface treatment

HZMIM provides various superficial treatment processes, to improve the appearance or performance of the products.

Surface Finish polishing, brushing, painting, sandblast, laser, black oxide, passivation, carburizing
Plating cataphoresis, electroplating (zinc, nickel, chromium, copper, etc)
PVD kinds of color, white, black, golden, brown, etc


Heat treatment

If you have some requirements about the product’s hardness, we can provide many heat treatment services, such as anneal, quenching and precipitation strengthening.


Ultrasonic cleaning

Clean the tight adhesion or embedded particles from the solid surface.




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